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Description THICKNESS SETTING DEVICE ELCATON 15.1 - technical sheet

The thickness setting device can be used for the following equipment:

- Log band saw (headblocks positioning control option)
- Cut-off saw;
- Vertical saw;
- Automatic edger.

The thickness setting device can also control:

- Brushless motors;
- Hydraulic valves;
- Two-speed asynchronous motors;
- Two-speed asynchronous motors under inverter;

The overall package includes a touchscreen panel with 7” display, from a German supplier.

Our company develops the operational software in-house and offers direct customer service assistance.

Operating characteristics:

- 16 measures settable for the board thickness;
- 8 absolute measures settable for truss;
- possibility to store 20 programs;
- Board recovery;
- Fixed board self assembly;
- Program optimization;
- Calculations can be made according to blade thickness and square position.


- Carriage hydraulic or pneumatic system control;
- Programs drawing up from the office;
- Remote assistance through internet connection with card;
- Canter control;
- Cutting measure storage;
- Automatic discharge cycles;
- Customized language and program drawing up;
- CMI VISION for carriage mod. CMI-S display and optimization of lug cutting.

Software managed by Windows operating system. The colour monitor displays in real time a 3D image of the log with all cutting lines: All main operating information is displayed on the right side of the screen. The system assures the following functions :

- Automatic log alignment on the axis or on the external edge;
- Min. and max. diameter measurement;
- Cubic volume of timber and calculation of cut logs;
- Cutting programs optimization;
- Re-optimization of secondary cutting;
- Own program settings;
- Special measurements settings (truss).

Our Company has an established experience in the field and cooperates with the most important log band saw manufacturers. We made many prototypes and retrofit (a technique that includes all measures taken in the manufacturing industry to allow new or updated parts and technologies to be fitted to old or outdated assemblies extending their useful life) on sawmill plants manufactured by Bongioanni, Primultini, Artiglio and Canali.

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