ISB Group separates from Wolseley; becomes 100% French

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On April 7, ISB group (Importation et Solution Bois) Group which unites the activities of Silverwood, Sinbpla, Carib and James  has separated itself from Wolseley Plc.

Pierre Gautron, the current CEO of ISB made it clear back in September 2014 that the administration of the company was ready to look into the possibility of taking over the companies PBM Import and James from Wolseley. This agreement could result in vendor-credit granted by Wolseley and establishing a holding named Florencia, assets of which would be formed by the capital contribution of the President of the company Pierre Gautron (63 %), the board (25 %) and hired managers(12 %).

Pierre Gautron commented on the acquisition «I am so glad to lead this project which marks the establishment of a 100% French company which has faith in the future of our main material – wood. We have developed the concept of this project in collaboration with the management team and we are going to build this company together with all our partners. After all, the fact that we set up this holding with a very solide financial structure is crucial. The agreement signed with Wolseley guarantees us all the necessary flexibility and autonomity to successfully handle our investments and continue improving our customer service. Customer satisfaction is our priority which guarantees us establishing a long term relationship.»

Considering the market situation with healthy realism, ISB Group makes their goals clear: in a short term it is necessary to carry out large-scale projects in the framework of investments (R&D and innovations, environnement, industry, logistics) to be even moe efficient in terms of offer and to provide better service to the clients. At the same time, ISB Group would like to continue its geographical expansion in France and international markets. Thus, in 5 years ISB Group aspires to confirm its leadership in France, to become the main French exporter and has an ambition to become the leader in Europe in the future as well. In such a manner the new ISB Group from now on is 100 % French. It unites the know-how of 2 companies: PBM Import and James with 4 nationally acknowledged brands in the forest sector - Silverwood, Sinbpla, Carib and James.

Silverwood is the French leading producer of planed lumber (sheathing, paneling, fences etc) with the capacity 4 million m2 per year. Specializing in factory applied finishing, the brand offers structural wood, wooden roofs and panels. Among company’s customers there are professional and industrial traders followed by the sales team consisting of 45 people.

Sinbpla, the French leading trader of softwood panels and plywood for wooden constructions and woodwork, who offers structural wood and wooden roofs as well. Among company’s customers there are professional and industrial traders followed by the sales team consisting of 20 people.

Carib specialises in planed lumber dedicated to DIY brands and together with its sales team consisting of 12 persons, it offers interior (panelling, parquet, moldings) and exterior (sidings, wood frames, terrace, fences) solutions. Recently Carib has developed its offer of structural wood.

James, the French producer of glulam structural goods (straight or curved), trimmed or in a complete set “ready for installation”, equally dedicates its activity to the building construction in the industrial, commercial, cultural, sport, agriculture sectors.

In February 2015, the key figures of the new ISB Group were the following : 222 million € turnover. More than 500 empolyees in France. 100 % of investments in France. 7 production sites, 5 logistics platforms. 5 million m2 of the planed lumber per year. 800.000 m3 of supplied wood and panels per year. 2100 customers throughout France and at the export markets.

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