Vend Ensemble De Meubles De Cuisine Rustique/Campagne Résineux Européens Sapin (Abies Alba)

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Type Ensemble de Meubles de Cuisine
Style Rustique/Campagne
Type de matériaux principal Résineux Européens
Matériaux principal Sapin (Abies alba)


Volume 10 pièces par mois
Finition lemn vechi cioplit manual
Furniture for restaurants, bars, clubs, shelves, hanging cabinets, kitchen furniture, living room furniture, antique firwood / pine / spruce wood, very old for over 80 years, made by carpenters with a great experience, love and passion: - built entirely from the carved beam with the ax, recovered from very old constructions; - Made of antique wood panels with a thickness of 4.5cm and 2.5cm; -Feroneria (hinges, cornering, clamping and clamping elements, handles, locks) are hand made of 5mm thick steel; Household appliances can be fully incorporated into furniture, with access doors to each appliance or can be mounted apparently (as in the kitchen in the pictures below) - Translated with google

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Vend en: Roumanie


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