Vend Scies À Ruban PINI&KAY 65 Occasion Slovénie

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Catégorie type Scies à grumes et scies à refendre
Catégorie Scies à ruban
Modèle 65


Etat du bien Occasion
Année de fabrication 1999
Volume 1 - 1
Description Used gater sawmill Pini&Kay:
- main motor 37 kW
- max. log diam. 65 cm
- max. log length 12 m
- hydr. lifting and lowering pull-rollers
- main carriage, hydr. fastening and turning
- auxiliary carriage - electr. log centrating
- additional equipment for blade tensioning and cut width setting,
- infeed log ramp - electr. with system one by one,
- possiblity to turn the log - for 180 longitudinally,
- roller tranport line for longitudianally centration of logs with rejection of log on the carriages infront of gatr,
- exit onveyor for boards with system of sorting boards and beams - length 6 m
- amerikaner - multirip cirkular saw Wurster&Dietz 80 cm - hydr.
- outfeed roller conveyor with sorting system waste and boards (max. length 6m)
- additional roller conveyor for boards with sideways reject
- ventilation for sawdust
- different carriers for boards

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