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Catégorie type Machines à scier de deuxième transformation de bois massif, matériaux à base de bois et plastiques
Catégorie Scie Circulaire Bilame ou Multilame
Modèle MRS-12


Etat du bien Neuf
Année de fabrication 2017
Volume 1
Description Multiple Rip Saw (MRS-12/MRS-300/MRS-350)

General Features
Laser Device (Optional)
- Provides convenient positioning of cut, which reduces material waste to a minimum.

PU Plated Feed Chain Block (Optional)
- The PU plated chain block is used to prevent damage to the workpiece surface.

Powered Elevation Rollers (Optional For MRS-12)

Anti-Kickback Guarding System
- Two upper rows and one bottom row of anti-kickback fingers are engineered to provide comprehensive operator security.

Link Chain Feed
- The link chain blocks are made of special cast iron. The high-grade steel connecting pins are heat treated and precision ground.
- Each precisely made part guarantees straightline dip feeding even at high speeds.

Adjustable Lubrication for MRS-12, MRS-300
- The adjustable central lubrication system ensures a permanent oil film between the chain and the guide rails. If there is insufficient oil in the oil tank, the warning lamp lights up, and the link chain stops running automatically. This fully ensures the service life of the link chain and rails.

Electrical Amperage Display (Optional)
- For overload protection of the saw motor. If the load of the saw motor exceeds the rated amperes, the link chain slows down automatically. This prevents the stock push from damaging the saw arbor or damaging the saw blades.

- CE Type
Designed and engineered for lumber cores, finger jointed panels and material preparation in furniture factories.

- Standard Type
Each three rows of pressure rollers at the front and rear, combined with a specially designed pressure plate, make it possible to feed panels of 200mm (8") minimum length.

Specifications (Model: MRS-12)

Max. cutting thickness: 85mm (3.346")
Max. cutting thickness (w/short stock device): 70mm (2.756")
Max. cutting width: 300mm (11.811")
Distance from column to link chain center: 360mm (14.173")
Mini. working length: 400mm (16")
Mini. working length (w/short stock device): 200mm (7.874")
Max. saw blade diameter: 300mm (12")
Mini. saw blade diameter: 200mm (8")
Saw blade bore: 70mm (2.756")
Saw arbor diameter: 50mm (1.969")
Saw arbor speed: 3800RPM
Saw arbor motor: 30, 40, 50HP
Variable feed speed: 7.5-30m/min (24'-98'/min)
Variable feed speed (for electrical amperage display): 2.5-24m/min (8'-79'/min)
Feed motor: 2HP (3HP on request)
Hold down roller elevating motor: 0.5HP (Optional)
Table area (LxW): 1530x760mm (60"x30")
Packing dimensions (LxWxH): 1820x1700x1610mm (71.6"x67"x63.4")
Net weight: 2000kg
Gross weight: 2250kg

Available Models
MRS-12 30HP Motor
MRS-12 40HP Motor
MRS-12 50HP Motor
MRS-12 60HP Motor

CE Model

Available Options
Laser Unit 10mw
MRS Replaceable Chain Block and Pads
Feed Chain and Pads
12" Short Stock Device
3m Infeed Table (Free Roller)

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