Vend Scie À Ruban À Refendre/Dédoubler FOD DRBA-110 Occasion Pologne

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Catégorie type Scies à grumes et scies à refendre
Catégorie Scie à ruban à Refendre/Dédoubler
Marque FOD
Modèle DRBA-110


Etat du bien Occasion
Année de fabrication -
Volume 1 - 1 Convertir
- machine in stock
- after technical review
- very good condition


- main 22 kW
- 3 kW hydraulic pump
- 1.5 kW belt tension
- element height up to 380 mm
- maximum element width 375 mm
- cutting width right from 170 mm saws
- cutting width to the left of the 205 mm saw
- adjustable feed speed 5 - 40 m / min
- saw wheel diameter 1100 mm
- saw wheel width 105 mm
- ten feed rollers - roller diameter 110 mm
- hydraulic pressure of the material
- rolls for material return
- electric belt tension - cleaning the belt wheels

Transport dimensions:
- length 380 cm
- width 245 cm
- height 160 cm
- weight ~ 2700 kg

The band saw is intended for longitudinal sawing of beams, square beams and trims. They are widely used in the sawmill, carpentry and furniture industries. These machines are characterized by high reliability, simple operation and high efficiency. The use of a hinged guide in the saw allows sawing wood at an angle of 45 *. - Translated with google

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