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Catégorie type Marquage - Mesurage - Scanning
Catégorie Scanner Optique/Laser
Marque Luxscan Weinig Group
Modèle CombiScan Sense


Etat du bien Neuf
Année de fabrication 2019
Volume 1
Description This scanner is based on a single platform, adapted for all applications in solid wood manufacturing. By adding various software modules and optional sensors to the base model, you can extend the scanner to the ideal optimizing machine. The range of applications extends from combining the scanner with a cross-cut saw or a rip saw to a complex production line with several scanners. A pre-configured model variant is available for cutting, ripping and sorting.

2 or 4 side B/W cameras
2 or 4 side 3D detection
2 or 4 side high resolution color cameras
2 or 4 side fiber analysis with dual scatter (one line and one dot laser)
Random width detection (up to 60 boards per minute!)
Angle crack module for detection flat, non-vertical cracks
X-ray low power unit (seperate colling is no longer necessary!)
Automatic camera positioning
Optimized simulation interface
Roughness+ module for unplanned areas

Revolutionary OptiCore Software AI
The newest generation of the software uses a new image processing method based on Deep Learning, a class of Neural Networks from the field of AI, to automatically analyse and identify wood defects.

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