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Pays Russie
Région Ленинградская область
Activité de l'entreprise Rabotterie
Description The main activity is the production of planed products


Chiffre d'affaires 1650000 USD
Surface de bâtiment en propriété 1149 m2 (sqm)
Nombre d'employés 35
Terrain en propriété 11137 m2 (sqm)
Description The GROUND woodworking plant was established in 2007 and was completely re-equipped in 2009. Today, the plant is equipped with woodworking equipment from leading companies that produce equipment for woodworking. The main woodworking equipment used in the production process consists of leadermac machines. The technological cycle of production is maximally automated in order to reduce the amount of manual labor. This approach almost completely eliminates the possibility of defects and has a positive effect on the cost of production, allowing us to maintain competitive prices at a high level of product quality. The plant has three own drying chambers. These are three "Hamech SK-100" chambers, each of which has a loading volume of up to 100 m3 each. The monthly volume of output is up to 1000 m3.

Prix et Conditions

Prix 399900 USD
Pays Russie
Région Ленинградская область
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