Vend Palette Moulée Nouveau NIMP 15 Europe, South America, Canada Inde

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Type Palette Moulée
Etat Nouveau
Origine Inde
Région Europe, South America, Canada


Volume 40000.0 - 50000.0 palette par mois
Type d'essence Résineux asiatiques
Essence Sapin de Chine (Cunninghamia lanceolata), Sapin (Abies), Mélèze (Larix)
Hauteur 130-135 mm
Largeur 1000 mm
Longueur 1200 mm
Poids/Volume chargeable 1500 kg
Marquage du traitement NIMP 15
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  • Description Spruce/Yunnan Pine/Szemao Pine/Mongolian Scotch Pine/Masson Pine/Kwangtung Pine/Korean Pine/Fenzel Pine/Chinese Pine

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    This email is with regards to your requirement posted on Fordaq for the pallets.

    Sir, with regards to your email we would like to introduce ourselves as the manufacturer for the Compressed wood pallets also known as Presswood Pallets.

    These pallets are not as expensive as plastic or traditional pine wood pallets.

    These pallets are:

    1)compliant to ISPM15 Regulations for the Wooden Packaging Material and at the same time does not require to be heat treated or fumigated.

    2)Anti-termite and Anti-Fungal

    3)The nesteable design of the compressed wood pallets saves space and at the same time is economical to transport, thus reducing transportation cost and storage cost.

    4) Eco-Friendly and easily recyclable

    5) Economical than expensive plastic and pine wood pallets.

    Sir, the details for the Compressed Wood Pallets, along with the price list are attached here with this email.

    We would also be glad if you can be our distributor partner in your country.Please let us know your opinion for the same.

    Please do feel free to contact us for any queries and we shall be glad to serve the same at the earliest.

    Thank you.


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    Incoterm FOB - franco bord Pays Inde Région Mundra
    Délai de livraison Disponible sur commande en moins de 30 jours
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