Vend Maison À Ossature Bois Pin - Bois Rouge Résineux Européens Russie

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Type Maison à Ossature Bois
Origine Russie
Type de bois massif Résineux Européens
Essence Pin (Pinus sylvestris) - Bois rouge


Volume 1 container 40 pieds Ponctuellement
Description A structural insulated panel is a solid monolithic three-layer structure consisting of two OSB-3 boards, between which a layer of dense polystyrene foam with the addition of antiperen is glued under pressure. In the factory, the house parts (walls, floors) are made from panels, which are assembled at the construction site into a finished house using the "tongue-and-groove" method.
A house made of SIP panels is:
- energy efficient
- prefabricated
- durable
- lightweight

One 40-foot container can contain a house kit with an area of 75 sq.m.
The price is for 1 square meter of the total area of the house (floor area)

Prix et Conditions

Prix 95-135 USD
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