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Catégorie type Machines à plaquer sur chant
Catégorie Machines à plaquer sur chant
Marque Lazzoni
Modèle PRO 12.6


Etat du bien Occasion
Année de fabrication 2021
Volume 1 - 1
Description Lazzoni Pro 12.6 is a time-saving edgebander. It is compact and easy to use. It covers one side of the form with high-quality work. The Pro 12.6 edgebander can certainly be a new benchmark in the entry-level edgeband market at this price, as it is equipped with a corner rounding unit. It combines advanced technological solutions aimed at ensuring the optimal finishing of the form in one processing process - "ready", as well as the simplicity and speed of setting - parameters needed for variable and continuous operation. It is an excellent machine for workshops that require continuous and high-quality edgebanding with excellent efficiency, because the speed of the banding is 12m / min.

Main advantages:

The Pro 12.6 edgebander is equipped with a glue tank heating system, thanks to which the machine is ready to work after 18 minutes. This is an extremely short time with minimal energy consumption, considering the 3 kg glue tank. The weight of the machine is over 1050 kg, which ensures stability and perfectly dampens vibrations caused during operation, which in turn affects the high quality of the line of the glued element.


- pre-milling: 2 heads 2 x 1.3 kW, 12000 rev.
- plate heating lamp
- pre-clipping
- edge milling
- corner rounding unit up to a thickness of 48 mm
- profile scraper set in 4 planes
- spray nozzle system (cleaning liquid)
- polishing unit


Electrical equipment:

- supply voltage 3 x 400 V
- total power consumption of the edgebander max. 9 kW
- pre-milling motor 2 x 1.3 kW
- up / down milling 2 x 0.55 kW
- cutting - corner rounding unit 0.55 kW

- edge thickness 0.4 - 2.0 mm
- element thickness 15 - 50 mm (optional: 10 - 50 mm)
- min. dimensions of the sheets 70 x 200 mm
- operation via a control panel with a touch panel
- veneer served on a feeding plate with rolls with a diameter of 550
- automatic feeding of veneers to the glue roller 0.6 - 2.0 mm
- transport of the forms via a segment track on a chain
- feed speed 12 m / min
- granulated glue tank with a capacity of 3 kg
- glue roller precisely adjusted to the feed speed
- pre-cutting with a guillotine 0.8 - 2.0 mm
- pressure set 2 solid steel and 1 rubber rollers
- air pressure min. 6 bar

Machine dimensions:

- length 4000 mm
- width 700 mm
- height 1500 mm

- weight 1050 kg

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