Vend Machines À Fabriquer Des Particules VANTEC Brutus 1200mm Neuf Brésil

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Catégorie type Machines à fabriquer des particules
Catégorie Machines à fabriquer des particules
Modèle Brutus 1200mm


Etat du bien Neuf
Année de fabrication 2021
Volume 1
Poids 25500
Description The mobile infield chipper “Brutus T” model was designed for the production of chips from logs, branches and wood residues. This robust equipment is assembled in a monoblock structural steel chassis.
This Mobile infield Chipper- BRUTUS 1020 is built in A36 structural steel, which was designed to be installed on a 2 axis Tandem Monoblock Chassis or a 3 axis Road Chassis. The electrical system has an automatic load controller, a 10-functions remote control, a screen display with alarms and technical data about the Scania motor.
The hydraulic system comes with solenoid valves to provide a better lubrification for the outfeed conveyor, conveyors motors, infeed system drive motors, clutch drive, upper roller opening and nose bar – anvil extraction cylinder.
The drive set has a DC13 074A Scania motor with automated clutch and radiator (with activation through the electrical panel).

Technical specifications:
• Inlet width: 1,020 mm;
• Inlet height: Logs 450 mm / Branches 1,000 mm;
• Rotor diameter: 1,000 mm;
• Toothed roller: 01 top;
• Toothed roller: 03 lower;
• Main Motor Belt: Torque-Team;
• inlet conveyor speed: 15- 45 m/min;
• Rotor knives: 03;
• Cutting Counter Knife: 01, with removal through a hydraulic extractor;
• Chipper screen size: 95 x 95 mm;
• Nominal chip size: 25 - 50 mm;
• Product Capacity: 170 to 300 m³/h (it can vary according to the type of wood, the period of sharpening of the blade and the efficiency of the infeed);
• Tires: Forest or Road Type;
• Diesel engine: Scania DC13 074A 500 HP;
• Fuel tank: 400 liters;
• Fuel consumption: 27 L/H;
• Hydraulic unit: 540 liters;
• Inlet conveyor length: 3,100 mm;
• Inlet conveyor width: 1,195 mm;
• Chip discharge height: 5,476 mm;
• Width: 2600 mm;
• Height: 4,400 mm;
• Total length: 8,500 mm;
• Approximate weight: 25,5 ton.

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