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Vend Lame De Terrasse (E4E, 4 Coins Arrondis) Merbau PEFC République Tchèque

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Type de bois Bois massif
Type de bois massif Feuillus Asiatiques
Essence/matériau Merbau
Elément particulier PEFC
Origine Indonésie
Type Lame de Terrasse (E4E, 4 coins arrondis)


Volume 1 - 10000 m3 par mois Convertir
Largeur 140 mm Convertir
Longueur 1220-4890 mm Convertir
Epaisseur 22 mm  Convertir
Qualité Standard&better
Certification PEFC
Merbau decking is supplied kiln-dried with approx. 16-18% moisture.
Core wood is brown-grey to brown-red with different shades.
Colour differences between individual planks are natural and common.
The core that doesn’t always get rid of lighter sapwood has high resistance to mould and insect.
The growth rings are not noticeable, dried wood is without stench.
Wood that is exposed to weather conditions may have tiny cracks on the end of the planks, caused by changes in relative air-humidity.
This wood contains a higher amount of resin which can be seen as golden-yellow vein-like streaks in the wood.
It is very hard and lasts very long thanks to high density and contained substances.
These oil substances may be washed out by rain during the first period it is exposed to weather conditions.
Due to this fact the wood used for decking or balconies has to be used in such a way that rainwater coming off of it is taken away by guttering. The decking surface should be treated with oil approx.
3 months after installation
when the natural reduction in contained substances occurs.
Without the treatment the wood remains unharmed and in time the surface will turn silver-grey.
You can get great optical value with OSMO Decking oil.
For correct functionality of the decking it is necessary to follow basic rules for installation of wooden decking and creating sufficiently stable construction underneath.
The underlying construction should be made of wood with same or similar density as the actual decking to ensure uniform swelling or shrinkage.
For correct maintenance and cleaning ask our sales representatives for technical conditions and guidelines for maintenance of wooden decking.
Density: 850-1100 kg/m3
Coat and colour: If you opt for treating your decking with a coat to prevent it from naturally turning grey we recommend to use OSMO Decking oil n. 016 Bangkirai oil dark.
Which is a great match for Merbau wood.
The pigment contained in the coat is underlines the natural colour of Merbau wood.
The wood is protected from the UV rays that are the main cause of the wood turning grey.
Do not apply the coat any sooner than 3 months after installation as stated earlier.

Prix et Conditions

Prix Sur demande EUR par m2 (sqm) Convertir
Incoterm FCA - franco transporteur Pays République Tchèque Région Prague
Délai de livraison Disponible sur commande en moins de 30 jours
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