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Vend Lame De Terrasse (1 Face Rainurée) Pin - Bois Rouge FSC République Tchèque

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Type de bois Bois massif
Type de bois massif Résineux Européens
Essence/matériau Pin (Pinus sylvestris) - Bois rouge
Elément particulier FSC
Origine République Tchèque
Type Lame de Terrasse (1 face rainurée)


Volume 1 - 10000 m2 (sqm) par mois Convertir
Largeur 138 mm Convertir
Longueur 2100-5400 mm Convertir
Epaisseur 26 mm  Convertir
Qualité AB
Certification FSC
Thermo wood Pine Decking

Being one of the most abundant species in the nature Pine is transformed into thermo wood decking with the Thermowood process to present you the most natural one in the best way. A natural look with its light tan colour and knotty texture, Pine is highly preferred by nature-lovers.

Thermo wood Pine Decking offers an ideal and affordable solution for those who seek a natural look in their outdoor decking and can not resist allure if Pine.

With its unique harmony to nature, perfect adaptation to weather conditions, and cost-benefit balance Thermo wood Pine Decking living spaces. Its knotty structure is the preference of those who love the traditional. Id addition to its natural appearance, Thermo wood Pine Decking products offer an economical solution for you.

Pine and ash Thermowood is recognized for good dimensional stability. The moisture fluctuation is prevented due to the thermal treatment of the wood. The tendency for moisture deformations, i.e. swelling and subsequent shrinking, is decreased by up to 60%.

Paint and colour:
thermally treated wood can be treated, if used in outdoor conditions, by application of coating preferably on an oil-wax basis OSMO COLOR - oil for Thermowood. The re-application of the OSMO COLOR shall be carried out, based on need, approx. once a year. Without this protective coating, a natural grey-silver pattern appears on the wood surface after approx. 12 - 15 months.

Wood for terraces Thermowood pine, DIMENSIONS: 26 x 140 mm
THERMO Pine Decking - 26 x 140 mm
Pine Dimensions 26 x 140 mm
Lenghts: 2.10 - 5.40M step 30cm+
Thermowood Pine - Profile Topside - REEDED
Au-Mex was founded in 1997 as a commercial company with a broad wooden product range. After 20 years on the market, it is amongst the leading distributors of the wooden product in Central Europe.

Our business activities are focused on wooden decking, wooden facades, wooden flooring in interior and exterior, plywood, and other wooden materials. We import the products from Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, China, South America, Russia and Canada. Due to many years of experience within these regions, we offer our customers a trouble-free quality, competitive prices, wide selection of products, and fast delivery times.

Where can you find us?
The headquarters of Au-Mex is located in Prague, Czech Republic. The warehouse´s area in Prague has more than 15.000m2. Our own production branches are strategically located directly by the source of wood in the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia.

In addition to the domestic market in the Czech Republic, we export throughout Europe: Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Moldavia, Slovakia and Croatia.

Due to long-term relationships with manufacturers worldwide, we are able to meet the special requirements and demands of our clients as regards to quality and capacity. And that is our goal!

Prix et Conditions

Prix Sur demande EUR par m2 (sqm) Convertir
Incoterm FCA - franco transporteur Pays République Tchèque Région Prague
Délai de livraison Disponible sur commande en moins de 30 jours
Vend en: Dans le monde entier


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