Vend Kiosque Résineux Européens

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Type de bois massif Résineux Européens
Essence Epicéa (Picea abies) - Bois blancs
Type Kiosque


Volume 20+ pièces par mois
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    A small Pavilion 9.2 m² with a grill inside is designed for a family or a group of close friends to relax. A lot of light coming inside through five pavilion windows and glazed doors as well as a grill inside makes your rest pleasant and cozy.

    The Pavilion is made of high quality spruce wood, and the walls are made of rounded spruce boards with the dimensions 45 x 145 mm. A roof is made of six elements, thus the system can withstand a considerable weight. The roof of the Pavilion is covered with bitumen shingles, and there are five double glazed windows, two of which open. Besides that, doors are double-hinged and glazed. Floor is easily assembled from separate components.

    There is a unique hexagonal wood or charcoal-fired grill with a table around it inside the Pavilion. Above the grill there is an adjustable chimney. Also, the Pavilion is lockable.

    People 12-15persons
    Timber Spruce
    Shape Hexagon
    Room 1
    Inside area 9.2m2
    Diameter 3760mm
    Total height 3400mm
    Wall height 1880mm
    Floor thickness 46mm
    Roof thickness 67mm
    Wall thickness 45mm
    External dimension 3770 x 3256mm
    Door size 1020 x 1598mm
    Window size 1020 x 1060mm

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