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Pays Roumanie
Région Timis


Superficie totale 220 ha
Type d'essence Feuillus européens
Peuplement principal Erable
Description Romania Forest 220 ha purchase price 1,200,000 euros = 5,450 euros per hectare. The forest is located in Timis district = the most expensive region in Romania. You can buy the forest and manage it yourself or as an investment. This would then be leased from a sawmill and also professionally looked after. In the last 20 years, the quantities of wood have not been used, for this reason there is an excess of fellable wood. In the next 6 years, according to the forest management plan, the following amount can be cleared: From the main felling: 2,838 cubic meters (estimated price 100-150 euros / cubic meter - with a permanent customer of a pencil factory). From second felling 1,700 cubic meters with an estimated price of 75 to 100 euros / cubic meter. With an EU subsidy of approx. 38 euros / ha / year, the costs can be fully covered. After this procedure (forest regulation) has expired in the next 6 years, the new plantings can at least be doubled. 2,838 fm x euro ***** euros and 1,700 fm x euro ***** euros. Total revenue 6 years = 503,500 euros = 42% ROI.
Purchase commission: 5% - Translated with google

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