Vend Maison Bois : Madrier Empilés Epicéa De Sibérie Résineux Européens 65 m2 (sqm) Pologne

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Type Maison Bois : Madrier Empilés
Origine Russie
Type de bois massif Résineux Européens
Essence Epicéa de Sibérie


Volume 1 - 1000 pièces Ponctuellement
Hauteur 499 cm
Largeur 500 cm
Longueur 706 cm
Surface habitable 65 m2 (sqm)
Description SFPWOOD is a family company, has been on the market for several decades, we have joined the top producers of wooden houses in Europe.
We are the undisputed leader in the wooden construction industry on the Polish market.
In our modern machine park we produce, among others year-round, summer, tool and children houses as well as garages, shelters, saunas.
We also produce roof trusses.
We have our own timber yard, we have many Polish and foreign customers.
We cooperate with individual clients as well as distributors and the tourist industry.
We offer about 500 different projects that you can see
The price list will be sent upon request.
We offer a discount for more orders.
Pickup in person.
Please contact me at the email address

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