Vend Ensemble De Salon Contemporain Résineux Européens Pin (Pinus Sylvestris) - Bois Rouge

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Type Ensemble de Salon
Origine Pologne
Style Contemporain
Type de matériaux principal Résineux Européens
Matériaux principal Pin (Pinus sylvestris) - Bois rouge


Volume 11111 - 11111111 pièces Ponctuellement
We are a manufacturer that produces system, upholstery and wood furniture. Our collections are designed for living, sleeping and children's rooms. All our items are sent in the self-assembly packs. We guarantee short implementation dates mostly 2 for some items (such as wood furniture) to 4 weeks. We also have our own transport fleet, which can lower costs. Our products are characterized by high quality, beautiful aesthetics and modern design. Every year we introduce new models. Our furniture is appreciated both in Poland and abroad. - Translated with google

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