Vend Copeaux De Bois Epicéa - Bois Blancs Кострома Russie

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Catégorie Plaquettes - Ecorce - Délignures - Copeaux
Type Copeaux de Bois
Origine Russie
Région Кострома


Volume 250 - 1000 m3 par mois
Type d'essence Résineux Européens
Essence Epicéa (Picea abies) - Bois blancs
Humidité KD
Description We specialize in the production of dry planed products and wholesales.
We also make pressed wood shavings / sawdust.
Specifications: 
the moisture content of the shavings is 8-12%; 
bag size 0.7 * 0.4 * 0.4 m and 0.6 * 0.35 * 0.4 m; 
bag weight on average 24 kg and 20 kg, respectively;
 compressed bag with a volume of 0.112 m3 and 0.084 m3;
 loading chamber 0.4 m3 and 0.35 m3.

The advantages of working with us and this type of packaging: 
Thermal wood is processed at 60 degrees for 5-6 days, therefore, there are no insects; 
due to packaging and compressed form, the chips take up less space in the warehouse and are protected from precipitation when stored outdoors;
 there are no foreign inclusions in the wood in the form of metal inclusions, punishment.
With incoming raw materials, rejection occurs due to rot;

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Incoterm FCA - franco transporteur Pays Russie Région Кострома
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