Vend Contreplaqué Filmé (Noir) 12; 15; 18 mm Vietnam

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Type de contreplaqué Contreplaqué Filmé (Noir)
Type d'essence - plis intérieurs - plis alternés Feuillus Asiatiques
Essence - plis intérieurs- alternés Eucalyptus


Volume 50 - 2000 m3 par mois
Epaisseur 12; 15; 18 mm
Largeur 1220 mm
Longueur 2440 mm
Classe AA; AB
Film faced plywood is widely used for construction concrete formwork. It has many advantages compared with iron formwork. The advantages are as below:
1. The biggest size of the film faced plywood is 1250x2500mm, which could decrease the number of the joints and increase the working efficiency.
2. Light weight, It's more suitable for high-rise building and bridge construction.
3. It can be used for many times if used and stocked correctly, which can save the cost greatly.
4. It can keep the surface smooth and beautiful when used for pouring, and you don't need to plaster the wall for second time, as it can decorate directly that can decrease the construction period by 30%.
5. It will not pollute the surface of the concrete, but iron formwork has the disadvantages of rusty and erosive, etc.
6. It is good for construction in winter that it can be used as template for curved surface.
7. It is better than bamboo plywood and small steel plywood in terms of nailing, sawing and drilling. It can be processed to template with all shapes according to needs

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