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Catégorie type CNC Centre d'usinage
Catégorie CNC Centre d'usinage
Marque SCM
Modèle Tech Z1 Pro


Etat du bien Occasion
Année de fabrication 2016
Volume 1
Description Useful working X-Y-Z mm 3050-1252-180 max length. piece in pendulum mm 1390. X-Y-Z axis travel mm 3681-1655-250, Movement on linear guides, ball bearing runners and brushless motors, X-Y axes with rack and pinion speed m / min 35, Z with ball screw
6 TVN bars with 1 rear stop and 2 suction cups per bar,
N. 2 LH and 2 RH side stops. N. 4 pneumatic devices for load assistance
Vacuum pump m³ / hr 90/108 Automatic centralized lubrication
2.2 Kw drilling machine with inverter. N. 12 vert. Spindles rpm 8000; 6 horiz. rpm 4500. Integrated blade in X Ø 125mm - rpm 10.000
SCM electrospindle Kw 9,5 Hp 13 Speed max. rpm 24,000 HSK63F attachment
Predisposition for angular transmission heads
Tool magazines: 4 positions on the carriage + 10 places on the base side
Installed power KVA 23 Compressed air consumption NL / min 450
Aspiration diam mm 250 aspirated air m³ / hr 5300
CN on PC. 17 "LCD color display. Control panel and Pigna furniture.
Xilog Maestro machine interface software
Parametric graphic programming, import of files in DXF format,
Linear and circular interpolation in the three planes, linear in space, helical in
selected plane, automatic drilling optimization and tool change cycles
change of panel origin, to make holes on oblique or curvilinear sides
Integrated software for use of bar codes, self-diagnosis and error reporting - graphic display of head configuration, adjustment of working speed and positioning, automatic control of working speed on complex paths
- SCM CNC - JERK function for dynamic control of accelerations / decelerations Overall dimensions mm5300x2800 H 2300 Weight Kg 2700 - Translated with google

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