Vend Ensemble De Meubles Pour Bureau Design Autres Matières Cuir

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Type Ensemble de Meubles pour Bureau
Style Design
Type de matériaux principal Autres matières
Matériaux principal Cuir


Volume 25 - 50 containers 40 pieds Ponctuellement
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    With its 30 years of experience in the industry, Sandino creates conscious sustainable designs with works focused on the needs of office workers. Production techniques and methods based on efficiency and durability are further developed by following technological changes in order to reach higher standards.
    Adopting the principle of being a global brand, Sandino works to realize durable and comfortable production of its products. Thus, it meets the expectations of office workers. It forms the main framework of technology and meticulousness; realizes perfection-oriented production with quality inspection, quality assurance and total quality systems.
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