Vend Scie Circulaire À Deux Lames À Grumes Et À Bois Equarris WALTER Occasion Pologne

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Catégorie type Scies à grumes et scies à refendre
Catégorie Scie Circulaire à Deux Lames à Grumes et à Bois Equarris


Etat du bien Occasion
Année de fabrication 2000
Volume 1 - 1
Description - machine in stock - after a technical review - Polish production - very good technical condition: - height of cut heft 350 mm - width of the prism 380 mm - working width 330 mm - upper spindle - 1 piece - lower spindle - 1 pcs - dia. 500 mm circular saw - 300 cm feeder length - top spindle drive motor power - 13 kW - lower spindle drive motor power - 15 kW - motor power of the feed drive - 1.1 kW - engine speed (saw drive) - 2900 rev / min - Outlet of sawdust 2 x 140 mm The machine can work in a technological line in a set with other machines, eg sawmill - multi-saw - crosscut saw Exceptionally, the machine can be used as an edger saws Circular saws are mounted on a shaft with a diameter of ø 70 mm, and the distance between saws they are fixed by spacers (dimension of the finished element), the smallest width of the bead is 65 mm, the smallest length of the processed material is 1200 mm. The main shaft is supported on both sides. On the drive side, it is mounted in an oil casing, whereas from the side of the saw installation there is a removable support. Workpiece material (logs) is transported through carriers, which are mounted on a chain, which in turn is driven by a geared motor. The spacing of carriers is variable (according to demand), the feed speed is infinitely adjustable by the geared motor. The main advantages of the machine: * stable construction * recommendable * for every professional Machine's overall dimensions: - 5500 mm - 1400 mm width - 2000 mm height Possibility to retrofit the machine : - sawdust extraction - different types - suction hoses - different diameters - turbines - different powers - discs - saws (GLOBUS or FABA) - Translated with google

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