Vend Berceau Traditionnel Feuillus Européens Aulne Noir

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Type Berceau
Style Traditionnel
Type de matériaux principal Feuillus européens
Matériaux principal Aulne noir


Volume 30 pièces Ponctuellement Convertir
"Elegance" (Elegance). The main idea of the design is strict practicality. Line of 2016 with the most affordable prices. Back material - chipboard. Bed with swing function on transverse skids, or without swing function after installation on wheels.
The convenient design allows you to remove the front side wall and use the crib as an attached or as a stand-alone sofa.
For children from birth to 3 years.
Bed size: 1200x600 mm. Orthopedic bed with nine slats - two height positions. Removable front wall. Drop bar. PVC overlays (rodent) on the top laths of lateral walls. - Translated with google

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