Vend Avivés Pin - Bois Rouge, Epicéa - Bois Blancs FSC 40-100 mm Belarus

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Type Avivés
Type d'essence Résineux Européens
Essence Pin (Pinus sylvestris) - Bois rouge, Epicéa (Picea abies) - Bois blancs
Elément particulier FSC
Origine Belarus


Volume 20 - 40000 m3 par mois Convertir
Epaisseur 40-100 mm  Convertir
Largeur 150+ mm Convertir
Longueur 2000-6000 mm Convertir
Règles de classement STB 1713-2007
Qualité 1-3
Traitement Sans traitement
Séchage Frais de sciage (vert)
Contenu humidité 22+ %
Certification International certification
Emballage Packing of lumber is made with tape or in agreement with the buyer with the film
In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the sale of sawn timber (HS code 4407) for export is carried out through exchange trading in JSC "Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange".
To participate in the auction, you must pass accreditation.
Additional information can be found on the exchange's website *****.
Auctions for lumber are held 4 times a month with different delivery dates. It is possible to conclude contracts on a long-term basis (semi-annual or annual delivery).
Lots on the stock exchange are offered in a range of sizes.
After purchasing the lot and signing the contract, the Buyer specifies a specific size in his application according to the specified size range in the purchased lot.
The price does not change.
Prices are based on the terms of delivery to the shipper's FCA warehouse by road or rail.
It is also possible to sell timber on other terms (CIF, DDU, DAT).
In agreement with the buyer, the products are treated with an antiseptic preparation with an additional payment of 5 Euros/m3.
It is possible to dry products to a humidity of 14-19% with an additional fee of 20 Euros/m3.
Nominal dimensions, mm (thickness*width*length):
up to 40 * up to 150 * 2000-6000 up
to 40 * 151 and more * 2000-6000
41-100 * to 150 *2000-6000
41-100 * 151 and more *2000-6000
Field of practical application: construction

Prix et Conditions

Prix 180-220 EUR par m3 Convertir
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