Vend Art & Crafts/Mission Résineux Européens Mélèze (Larix Spp.)

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Type Staffelei
Style Art & Crafts/Mission
Type de matériaux principal Résineux Européens
Matériaux principal Mélèze (Larix spp.)


Volume 50 - 250 pièces Ponctuellement Convertir
Made of high quality pine or beech wood, durable and sturdy.
Suitable for larger paintings.

The lightweight easel is intended for artists, galleries, hotels and schools. Thanks to its precise adjustment, it allows a comfortable and stable maintenance of the image or the single image...
...for adults and children...

...By adjusting the height, children can also draw pictures on it. Adjustable canvas holder can hold different size canvas...
It is often used as an aesthetic presentation in galleries and hotels. The easel can be used as a photo booth, lightbox, menu or wedding plan...
What is particularly practical about the wooden easel in this area is that it can be folded very easily and to save space. This makes the easel ideal for mobile use...
Product Details:

Material: pine wood or beech wood

Dimensions when set up: approx. 52 x 172 cm
Weight: about 2kg - Translated with google

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