Vend Armoires De Cuisine Traditionnel Feuillus Asiatiques Bouleau

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Type Armoires de Cuisine
Style Traditionnel
Type de matériaux principal Feuillus Asiatiques
Matériaux principal Bouleau


Volume 1 - 50 containers 40 pieds Ponctuellement
Finition AC
Certification US Lacey Act
Norme ou standard ANSI/KCMA/HPVA
Description We ship to US market, with high quality standard material imported from Europe, America and use high end decorative plywood to do the end panel/back panel to build to a cabinet, with hot-melted glue with no additional formaldehyde emission and all of plywood materials have been Certified by TPC-9 in compliance to EPA-TSCA VI.

If you are interested, please tell us and give your drawings and we can guarantee your quality and purchasing cost.

See attached pictures.



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