Structure préfabriquée CNC en bois de KVH / GLULAM

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Type Usinage CNC


Description On our fully automatic timber framing plants we produce your cutting from carport to roof truss precisely and reliably. With the help of a specially designed CAD software for timber construction, we take care of the work for you. Parts lists, detailed drawings and 3D drawings are just a few of the services we offer for a more efficient processing of the corresponding construction project. Có thể tạo tiến trình con more complex roof constructions with ít chi tiết của thời gian. By joining the traditional skills of the carpentry business with engineer-related timber construction we can optimally exploit the specific characteristics of the raw wood material. Timber joints, connecting elements made of steel and fastening elements are efficiently included in the construction and given out on the detailed lists. Of course we also assume your work preparation via e-mail. The timber framed timber takes place promptly with our own lorries directly to the construction site. Unloading takes place by crane, with a four way side loader or a top out crane. Among our services are also all the work and the supply of various products in all aspects of machine production. Roof trusses, contractions for hydraulic engineering and construction elements for wood framework top off our services. works planning construction and construction drawings made from steel connecting elements approved dovetail joints prefabricated building components cleat pre-montage joist hanger pre-montage unloading by crane or four way side loader on site delivery on fixed dates - Translated with google

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