Séchage À Façon D-97514 Oberaurach Allemagne

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Type Séchage à Façon
Pays Allemagne
Région D-97514 Oberaurach


Volume 1000 m3 par mois
Information complémentaire 8 Trockenkammern für je 150cbm Schnittholz/ 8 drying chambers for each 150cbm lumber
Description Reliable Drying Services (technical wood drying) for your Hardwood and Softwood lumber
Drying Services - our offer is your advantage

Wood drying is not only a technical process, wood drying requires knowledge and years of experience. We have technical know-how which relates to knowingly and scientific knowledge. Equally important is many years of experience and care. dried large quantities of wood for many years. We are experienced in dealing with quantities and the species diversity of deciduous and coniferous trees. This experience guarantees good quality during the drying process. Careful feed chamber and is adapted to suit the requirements of air in our computer-controlled drying chambers provide with proven drying programs for optimum results.
Through a technically secure and accurately predictable timber drying / wood drying the risk of deterioration can be reduced by weather influences to a minimum and still own capacity can be saved.
The Euroforest Products GmbH provides its facilities for contract drying and Drying Services.
In our modern and powerful steaming, drying and cutting work, we offer the sawmill and wood industry and the timber trade / import a flexible and secure further refining of hardwood and softwood lumber a service:

• 8 modern fresh air / exhaust chambers of the manufacturer Maweg-Hildebrand (height 5,4m x width 11,5m x depth 11m / per 7 fans a 3 Kw)
• permanent capacity for wood drying of about 1.500m³ lumber
• Advanced control and drying schedules guarantee the best drying quality
• Drying / wood drying for fresh and air-dry deciduous and coniferous lumber all types of wood
• also timber drying of tropical timber and exotic species
• unedged or edged timber, scantlings, strips
• gentle wood drying quality oak from 20-65mm
• Special wood drying fresh Siberian larch and beech heartwood to 75mm
• lumber up to length 11m
• under precise Measuring and determination of weight before and after the wood drying
• advanced drying schedules guarantee the best drying results
• informative documentation and control of the drying process
• careful input and output control of our wood drying according to the checklist
• Development and close cooperation with the University of Hamburg and the European Drying Group Working Group (EDG)

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