Revue internationale hebdomadaire de la filière bois (06-10 février)

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Comme chaque semaine, Fordaq vous propose une fenêtre vers l’actualité internationale de la filière bois. Nous avons sélectionné des liens vers les principaux articles en anglais que nous avons publié pendant la semaine.

06-10 février:

Forest fires in Chile cause damages of up to $333 million

Wood product profits support global paper and forest products stable 2017 outlook, says Moody's

Housing starts in US up 5% in 2016

Brazilian timber industry: Higher exports, but lower revenues in 2016

Kährs Group supplies wood flooring to NCC

Canadian housing starts trend increased in January

Peruvian flooring manufacturers make an impact at this year's Domotex

E-commerce given priority in China

7th International Conference on Wood Energy and RES in Zagreb

Tembec is open to lumber quotas on exports to US

EIB to announce multi-million backing for new investments in Irish forestry

US Hardwood KILN Drying Certification Conference held in Beijing

EACOM installed a new lumber grading system at Elk Lake mill

US softwood lumber production up 2.8%

U.S.: Softwood and panel markets - Week 5, 2017

The Brexit aftermath: British softwood timber imports on a downward trend

Global panels surfacing market: re-positioning for growth

UPM invests into a Valutec continuous kiln at a sawmill in Finland

Brazil: Exports of wood products jump 21.6% in November

Conifex Timber to re-start former Georgia Pacific sawmill in Arkansas

France: Auction sale of particleboard company following bankruptcy

Canadian lumber production up 1.7% in November

China: Timber companies targeted in crack-down on VOCs

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