Fordaq Index: Price for hardwood logs in France

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Seen our members’ high interest in price indices, Fordaq has decided to publish regularly an index of prices for hardwood logs sold alongside road in France. Other price indices will follow shortly.
 The current price index is the result of a survey conducted among buyers and sellers of hardwood. It studies the prices paid for hardwood logs for sale at the end of March. This index reflects observed transaction prices and should not be considered as accurate statistical information. 

On the whole, the lack of raw material affecting sawmills (logging was hindered by the warm and rainy winter season), the pressure exerted by foreign buyers (China) and the lack of B quality wood (staves and boule qualities) leads to significant price increases for all qualities during the current spring sales.
Price differences between regions are significant in the A and B qualities.

After recovering in autumn, the beech (average qualities) tends to record slightly lower prices, mainly for the red hearted wood. However, prices for D quality are improving due to pallet timber demand, exceeding widely firewood price levels.
Veneer logs’ prices hold well; veneer manufacturers prefer beech to oak because of low margins in oak.
In the Alsace Lorraine region, prices recorded increases of 30-40% between spring 2006 and spring 2007, but of course prices were extremely low last year.

Ash and chestnut prices remain rather stable on a quiet market. In spite of a weaker market, the sycamore maple saw an improvement in prices for good quality saw logs; veneer logs’ prices were stable.
Cherry prices are increasing for good qualities and declining for small logs of lower quality; veneer logs’ prices vary widely.

Quality Product €/m3 Trend
A Veneer logs - diameter 60 cm + 600-650 =
B Boules / Staves qualities - 40 cm + 300-400 +
BC Veneer / Boules / Staves quality logs with second length 170-220 +
C Saw logs, tree length 100-140 +
D Second lenghts of veneer / Boules / Staves quality logs 55-70 +
A Veneer logs - diameter 50 + 310-340 =
B Qualities: Rotary cut veneer & Boules excl. red heart 40 + 120-150 =
BR Boule quality incl. red heart - diameter 50 + 70-80 -
C Saw logs, tree length 65-75 =
D Second lenghts & small wood 45-55 +
A White sliced veneer 380-400 =
B Quality for grey boules 150 =
C Whole tree diameter 28 + 90-100 =
A Veneer logs 500-550 =
C + Whole tree diameter 30 cm + 120-130 =
C Whole tree diameter 20 cm + 75-85 =
A Veneer logs 900-1050 =
BC Boule quality - diameter 30 cm + 240-280 +
C Whole tree diameter 20 cm + 80-100 -
A Veneer logs 750-800 =
B Boule quality - diameter 30 cm + 270-300 +
BC Boule quality with second length 30 + 160-200 +
C Whole tree diameter 28 cm + 85-120 =

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